A. Registration

How do I register my child for Serious Fun?
Serious Fun Registration is a 3-step process:  
  1. REGISTER – Register your child online through the Serious Fun registration portal, here.
  2. ENROLL – Enroll your child in classes (and submit your full registration packet).
  3. MEET – Join us for online Family Orientation to go over important information and meet your site’s Serious Fun team. 
NY State law requires that we have a full Registration Packet on file before a child can attend our program. Even if your tuition has been processed, for your child’s safety, Serious Fun must have all completed and signed documents in the Registration Packet before we can take care of your child. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  
When is registration? Do you have open registration? 

Official opening day: September 18, 2023 (Families that have registered before/on September 11, 2023)
Families that register between September 12 and September 19, program begins on September 26, 2023. 
Last day of program: Friday, June 21, 2024

Registration is ongoing–for openings, classes and details check the prorated tuition chart here for registration dates and tuition.

Serious Fun online enrollment and Family Orientation meetings are held weekly in the month of September. After, enrollment is typically held in the 4th week of each month, in order to start on the 1st of the following month (or the next day Serious Fun is in session).
If you would like to your enroll your child before the next registration period, please create your online profile, then email your site supervisor so they can register your child manually and tuition will be prorated according to the day your child begins the program. NOTE: All registration packet materials must be submitted and payment received before your child can be enrolled.
What documents do I need to submit for registration?  

Once you’ve chosen your classes and made a deposit, Serious Fun will create your Registration Packet and email it to you.

A complete Packet includes:
– Signed Registration Form
– Signed Payment Agreement & Statement of Understanding
– Signed Payment Authorization Form.

You will need to review, sign, and return the Registration Packet along with your child’s Current Medical Form.   

My child is returning to Serious Fun. Do I need to fill out a full registration packet again? 
Returning families must review their online profile (please make sure to fill in the new Demographics section, which helps us when applying for funding), and make any necessary changes to the information on file. You will receive an email with your completed forms to review, sign, and return to Serious Fun. An updated medical form must be submitted annually regardless of changes. Any updates to other relevant information, such as address, phone number, email, custody agreements, etc. should also be submitted at this time as well. 
Once you have enrolled, please choose your family online orientation meeting to go over important information safety, activities and other and meet the Serious Fun team at your site.  
My work schedule is irregular. Can I change the number of days my child attends from week to week? 
Unfortunately, no. Serious Fun cannot accommodate weekly changes to schedules. However, it is possible for registered families only to request an occasional drop-in day at a rate of $45 per day. All drop-in requests must be made in writing at least 2 school days before the date of service. You may not have more than 5 drop-in days in a calendar month. 
If I enroll my child in a class and he doesn’t like it, can he change classes in the middle of the year? 
Yes, however Serious Fun encourages making any changes to enrichment classes within the first few weeks of Serious Fun, as we design our curriculum in such a way that each class builds upon skills learned in the previous lessons. Any changes to your child(ren)’s schedule (including, but not limited to a change of days, change of enrichment class, and cancellation) will incur a $25 Change Fee. 
How much does the Serious Fun program cost? 
For 2023-2024, each childcare day is billed per day for the year, and we offer discounts if enrolling 3 or more days per week (see chart below).  Scholarships and Financial Aid are available as well – for more information email familysupport@seriousfunnyc.org.  


Tuition Prorated Rate (per enrolled day)

Enroll in 3+ more days for a multi-day discount and save up to $240!

**Approximate pricing based on enrollment of 3+ days per week, not including registration fees.

Is the registration fee per child? 

No. The $100 Registration Fee is per family. (Non-Refundable)

Is there a sibling discount? 

Yes. Families receive $100 off total tuition for each additional sibling.

If I want to register my child after the program has started will I have to pay the full year’s tuition? 

Each childcare day is billed at $1485 for the full year, however, if families enroll after the start of the 2023-24 program year, tuition is prorated at a reduced rate according to your child’s start date. See dates and rates in the tuition prorated chart above.

How can I pay for my Serious Fun tuition? 

Tuition may be paid in full or by installment. You must provide bank account or credit card information for program fees and any additional charges, including but not limited to Registration Fee, Failed Transaction Fee, Chargeback Fee, Administrative Fee, Late Payment Fee, Late Pick Up Fee, Drop-in Fee, Change Fee, or Cancellation Fee.

Installments are the total tuition due prorated over a period of time. Each installment is an equal amount and does not reflect the number of program days in a given month. The first installment is due at the time of registration and each subsequent installment payment will be automatically processed on the 5th, or closest business day, of each month. The final installment will be charged on May 5, 2024.

How much will I have to pay each installment? 

Installments are the total tuition plus the registration fee due, prorated over a period of time.  Each installment is an equal amount and does not reflect the number of program days in a given month. The first installment is due at the time of registration and each subsequent installment payment will be automatically processed on the 5th, or closest business day, of each month. Your final installment is processed on May 5, 2024. 

(Prorated chart coming soon.)

Can I set up recurring installment payments using my Credit Card or Checking Account? 

Yes. To set up a recurring charge to your credit card or Electronic Check (ACH), please store your payment information under your secure online profile at our Online Registration Page. In addition, please notify us by emailing your site to let us know of the change and ensure your account is updated properly to avoid interruption of your child’s after school arts enrichment.

Can I change my credit card/ACH on file?  

Yes. Please email your site directly for any changes to your payment method.  Please allow your Multi-Site Director up to 48 hours to reach out to you with an update on your account.

I registered, and would like to enroll my child in additional days. Is that possible? How would it affect my tuition due? 

You may add additional days at any time. Ask your Site Supervisor for the cost of the additional day(s). Each childcare day is billed per day for the 2023-2024 school year, and is prorated if starting after the start of the program year (See chart above). You may add additional Serious Fun program days without incurring a Change Fee.

I registered and would like to drop days. Is that possible? 
Yes. You may reduce your child’s participation in the program at any time by written notice. Please email your site with your request to cancel your child’s enrollment. Dropping/cancelling days WILL NOT change the installment for the month in which the change was requested. As a reminder, there is a $25 Cancellation Fee for each class cancelled. Please allow your Site Supervisor up to 48 hours to reach out to you with an update on your account/request.(If dropping/cancelling prior to your child’s first day of participation, you will receive a credit to your Serious Fun account in the amount of the total program fees you paid LESS the Registration Fee and one month of program fees.)
I am trying to register my child but the classes are “read only”, can I still register my child?

Yes. If you would like to your enroll your child before the next registration period, please create your online profile, then email your Multi-Site Director so they can help you register your child. NOTE: All registration packet materials must be submitted and payment received before your child can be enrolled.

B. Programs

When is the first day of Serious Fun this year? 

Early registrants begin: September 11, 2023* 
(Families that register before Aug. 28, 2023 qualify for an early FREE bonus week of program. Restrictions apply. Includes a free week of your child/children’s regularly scheduled classes.)

Official opening day: September 18, 2023 (For families that register before/on Sept. 11, 2023.)

Registration is ongoing, for openings, classes and details click here.

NOTE: When classes are marked as “read only” enrollment is paused to complete registrations for the next start date, it will reopen within 48 hours, check back soon.

Enrollment for the 2023-2024 Serious Fun Program is currently open. In order to begin Serious Fun, you’ll need to complete your online registration packet and attend your Family Orientation Meeting. Sign up for orientation here.

When is the last day of Serious Fun the 2023-2024 school year? 

Friday, June 21, 2024

What holidays does Serious Fun observe?

Serious Fun is open on all days public schools are open, following the DOE calendar, except for school-scheduled ½ days, parent-teacher conferences (including Family Nights), and District holidays.

What do the children do each day? 

Each day Serious Fun provides children with a snack, child-choice time, homework help, enrichment class and active play. Enrichment classes are offered as a theme to be taught throughout the year. Check the class listings according to your location.

How big are the enrichment classes? 

Maximum class size varies from class to class, the largest class size for grades K-5 is 20 students. If enrollment in any grade K-5 class is less than 10 students, Serious Fun reserves the right to merge or cancel the class. All children in a cancelled class will be offered a place in an alternative class meeting on the same day as the original class.

What is your ratio of teachers to students? 

Our NYS mandated teacher:student ratio is 1:10 for any class with children in grades K through 5th.

What happens if the class my child wants to enroll in is full? 

If a class is full, you may add your child to the waitlist for that class, and enroll your child in the alternative class option offered on the same day. If a space opens in the desired class, a Serious Fun representative will reach out to you to see if your child would like to change his/her class. There will be a $25 Change Fee for any change.

Can my child attend Serious Fun on a day he’s not regularly scheduled to attend? 

Yes. Serious Fun understands that occasionally a family might need childcare in addition to a child’s regularly scheduled days. We offer a drop-in day for registered families only at a rate of $45 per day. You must email your site directly to notify your Site Supervisor with 2 school days’ notice before the date of service. No more than 5 drop-in days may be used in a calendar month.

Can I have someone that is not on the pickup list pick up my child today?

We will not release your child to anyone who is not indicated on your Authorized for Pick Up list that’s included in your child’s Registration Packet. If you need to make changes to your list, you may do so by logging into your secure online profile at our  Online Registration Page, and adding the new person to your Authorized for Pick Up list.  Please email your site to let them know that you’ve made a change and need to update your Authorized for Pick Up list, and always remind the non-parent/guardian to bring ID in order to ensure a smooth pick up. 

What is the latest I can pick up my child?  

PS 17, PS 85, PS 150, PS 166 – 5:45PM – As a reminder, if your child is picked up after 6pm, you will be charged a late pick up in the amount of $25, with an additional $25 for every additional 15 minutes (or part therein) after 6:15pm (ex: 6pm-6:14pm = $25, 6:15pm-6:29pm = $50, etc.)

PS 84 – 5:30PM – If your child is picked up after 5:45pm, you will be charged a late pick up in the amount of $25, with an additional $25 for every additional 15 minutes (or part therein) after 6:00pm (ex: 5:45pm-5:59pm = $25, 6:00pm-6:14pm = $50, etc.)

What is the Age Range?  

Our programs are for children enrolled in kindergarten through 5th Grade. 

Do you offer programs for Pre-K students?

We do not currently offer programming for Pre-K students.

C. Transportation

How do students get transportation to schools?

Each Serious Fun family is responsible for arranging his/her child’s arrival to the Serious Fun program.*

*Serious Fun at PS 84 is the only location accepting bussing students. At the current time PS 17 is only accepting walking pick up student from PS 234, and also accepts students from the Q300 school.

Serious Fun participants who have program in the school in which they attend will be dismissed into the after school program.

For select neighboring schools, Serious Fun will coordinate with the parent/guardian and the school’s transportation coordinator to pick up and walk/escort students from their school or annex building to the Serious Fun site with written permission via School Authorization Letter.

For busing, any transportation costs and agreements must be made directly between the transportation company and the family. Any child being transported by bus will need a School Authorization Letter.

The Serious Fun Mulit-Site Director can confirm whether or not we have permissions to pick up from the school their child attends or if the family must provide private transportation for their child.

Astoria Express Transit

If your child is in need of bus transportation to Serious Fun at PS 84, please contact Astoria Express directly for information regarding service and pricing on bus transportation.

(718) 626-3369
Visit their website

While Serious Fun recommends Astoria Express, we’re happy to accept children from any transportation company. If you find another company that works better for your family’s budget, we’re happy to work with you and that company to make your child’s arrival to Serious Fun run smoothly!

School Authorization Letter

A School Authorization Letter is required for busing or walking. Fill out the applicable form below and return to your Serious Fun Multi-Site Director, and provide notification and copies to the day school transportation coordinator and the child’s teacher. Please note that the transportation company cannot pick up your child without the School Authorization Letter.

Any changes to the participant’s Serious Fun schedule must be updated in writing and provided to the three main parties (Serious Fun, day school, and transportation company) to ensure safety of the child at school dismissal and transport to the after school program.

Please note there is no service at the conclusion of the Serious Fun program. It is the family’s responsibility to arrange pick up.

All children must be picked up and signed out at the conclusion of programming.

Transport Walking Letter Transport Bus Letter

Every effort is made to ensure the most current and complete information is on our website, however, any and all information is subject to change at any time–so please be sure to check back or call directly with any inquiries.