Sign Your Child Up For Serious Fun After School

1: Register Your Child

Once you’ve previewed the class choices for your Serious Fun location and you’re ready to go, login to the registration portal to create or update your Serious Fun family profile. Your answers to the prompts will create a Registration Packet for your child. Your family profile has to be complete to continue on to Step 2 and enroll in classes.

Note: Read through the rest of the steps below, and when you’re ready to create or update your profile, click here:

Login + Register

2: Enroll in Enrichment Classes

Once you have completed your family profile on the registration portal, follow the instructions to enroll in your Serious Fun classes and make a deposit. Remember, you have to be signed in and have answered all the profile prompts to move on to choose your classes. 

Class Options Tuition

Once you’ve chosen your classes and made a deposit, Serious Fun will create your Registration Packet and email it to you. Please review, sign and return the Registration Packet to complete your enrollment. A complete Packet will include: 

  • Signed Registration Form 
  • Signed Payment Agreement & Statement of Understanding 
  • Signed Payment Authorization Form 
  • Current Medical Form (signed by physician within the last 12 months)


3: Meet Us

Once you have enrolled, please choose your family orientation meeting to go over important information and meet the Serious Fun team at your site.

Family Orientation:

Choose date + time

NY State law requires that we have a full Registration Packet on file, containing all documents listed, before a child can attend our program. Even if your tuition has been processed, for your child’s safety, Serious Fun has to have all completed and signed documents in the Registration Packet before we can take care of your child. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.